Chef TSANG, Wai Hung (head of Siu Mei)

Chef Tsang, AKA the Chief, is a soft-spoken person, who has weaved his magic with Char Siu (BBQ pork), suckling piglet, roasted crispy duck, and others Siu Mei for nearly 30 years, a decade of which with a premium five stars hotel group. “No matter served in rice box or well-plated in restaurant, siu mei is a part of Hongkongers, and is a part of me,” say the Chief.

“The big three of char siu, piglet, and duck is all about time and fire control as well as ingredients,” explain the Chief with his passionate voice, who perfected the signature thick cut char siu made with premium pork collar butt that are highly praised by food connoisseurs and walk-in customers alike.

“I started off with $80 bucks a month and with free work meals of course,” say Tsang, witnessing through the ages. As the Chinese say go “Old but no out”, Chef Tsang is an old master going strength to strength with younger apprentices, and is adamant in roasting suckling piglets by himself in-store on order with its heavy artilleries over the high temperature open-fire stove.

Another one of Chef Tsang’s masterpieces is the Roasted Pipa Duck (琵琶鵝), which is served only in a few selective restaurants in Hong Kong. And like the Chief himself, it is a delicacy we at Tai Wai Dining treasures.