Chef LAM, Chi Hung (head of Kitchen)

A slim figure with greyish hair, Chef Lam is no small character with 40 years of cooking experience maneuvering his heavy wok with ease charring out original aroma of food. “We persist to use the original taste of ingredients. We remain true, a value I share with the team as well as my knowledge,” say Lam.

Chef Lam inscribes an authentic yet modern approach at Tai Wai Dining, offering bygone and traditional recipes as well as a balanced selection of meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes. “Hardly anyone is making these old times favourites because it is time and labour intensive. Some of these dishes take a few days just to prepare for cooking,” say Lam. “Our owner sought to keep and continue Canton cuisine’s roots.”

Chef Lam and his team is now offering over ten bygone or traditional dishes such as Deep-fried Prawn Wrapped Walnut (合浦珠還), Eight Treasure Duck (功夫八寶鴨), and Braised Carapace Skirt (古法炆山瑞裙).

Chef Lam is a strong believer of using and promoting local produces, and sort to divert from the norm. “We like to us local independent or individual sources because they are more focused and assures quality, and more importantly they have a human touch,” explain Lam.